What We Do

Our Ethos

At Rushmans, we are more than a consultancy firm—we are collaborators, innovators,  dealmakers and strategic practitioners working in a diverse and far-reaching array of sectors. However, there is a thread running through everything we do It’s the capability to Make it Real.

What is Making it Real?

We pride ourselves on actually making change happen. We take great strategy developed through collaboration, facilitation, examining mental models and considering cognitive biases and ‘Make it Real’. There is a Method to that and we have shaped and fine-tuned the diverse applications over 40 years of enterprise.

Central to our ethos is Nigel Rushman, the visionary founder and driving force behind Rushmans. Nigel’s extensive experience and profound passion for what we do has shaped Rushmans into a global leader in consultancy, strategy and sport. Read  Nigel’s biography to explore the journey that laid the foundation for our commitment to excellence.

At Rushmans, we work collaboratively with our clients to tailor solutions that align with their unique goals and challenges. Our dynamic approach is characterized by adaptability and a deep understanding of the ever-evolving landscape of our clients.

What we do

Working with Governments, Senior Leadership teams and some of the world’s largest corporations worldwide we are committed to the discretion of our partners and clients.

Rushmans are known and respected internationally for the wealth of knowledge, expertise, and experience that our team have gained over many years. We are constantly restructuring our vision and direction to stay at the top of our game.

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