Collaborative Solutions Workshops


All entities have challenges and opportunities, there is a science to making the most of both. For years, we have studied the most effective ways of finding and implementing solutions, as simply and quickly as possible. We studied at the feet of masters of Structured Visual Thinking, such as John Caswell. We studied related science and developed what we believe to be the optimal methodology to deliver inexpensive and fast results.

Collaborative Solutions Workshop

Collaborative Solutions is our proven Strategic Workshop process that delivers fast strategies and plans for challenges and opportunities.

What will the Collaborative Solutions process do for you?

Collaborative Solutions workshops enable our clients to explore a focus question co-created with us by investigating multifaceted perspectives with their team. We use a digital framework to collaborate in a visually engaging way allowing ideas and conversations to be recorded in real time. Guided by our facilitation, we bring a neutral, outside view ensuring that we build a robust and effective strategy and actionable plans at pace.

Ever feel like you can’t see the wood for the trees?
Uncommon Thinking to deliver Common Sense

Careful research and construction of the right questions and by considering challenges and opportunities using numerous thinking concepts and mental models will prompt participants to problem solve, think differently, design solutions and create desired outcomes.

What outcome can we expect?
Making it Real

Collaborative Solutions Workshops steer our clients down a clear path to success. Developing a roadmap and establishing individual accountability provides a roadmap for our clients to move forward towards their agreed and desired outcomes. All participants will have a thorough understanding of the direction the organisation is heading with a route map of how to get there and individual personal commitment to achieving success through their accountable actions.

Collaborative Solutions Infographic

No challenge or opportunity is the same, and it follows that no workshop is the same. The modules used in your workshop will be tailored to meet your specific issues. We will research and then discuss the workshop plan with you to ensure we hit the right marks during the day.