How We Work


Understanding | Researching | Thinking

We are continuous learners with a keen interest in psychology, thinking models and emotional intelligence. Pairing this with decades of experience in business, marketing and event operations, we can unlock more efficient outcomes. We spend time considering the issues and context to ensure we are asking good questions to develop quality answers.

Unwrapping & Discussing

We gather valuable insights through stimulated discussion and encourage and assist decision makers to develop strategies and communicate them effortlessly.

Designing / Agreeing Strategies and Plans

We create meaningful, collaborative and engaging programs that will be implemented and actually make a difference. Making plans based on critical insights is what it takes to build an intelligent, effective and adaptive solution. Having clear and agreed principles by being open, transparent and honest ensures that plans will work and last.


Making strategies and plans through collaboration and communication gives direct ownership to leaders and teams. Solutions need to be found together with those that will implement them to encourage accountability and application of a plan. At Rushmans we have a longstanding reputation for supporting plans and making the vision a reality. We call it 'Making It Real'.

Collaborative Solutions Workshops

Find out more about how we work by looking at the Mental Models, we like to apply to our think and our reading list.