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Planned and implemented the development and consolidation of relationships in the aerospace industry, for a major USA conglomerate

Collaboratively ran a workshop to create a strategy and then assisted a nation to win the hosting of one of the world’s biggest events

Created a sales programme for a government to realise income from their hitherto unrealised assets

Assisted a national energy supplier to reorder their drilling priorities and revalue the business from under 10m to 300m

Workshops to create a strategy and then implement acquisitions and operations for a public company in Cuba

Initiated a team and created the necessary structure and conditions for a major commodities deal

Helped numerous colleagues and entrepreneurs with their opportunities and challenges

Introduced new working methods for a national and international delivery brand

Strategy to enter the UK and European Market for a major African entertainment brand

Helped a Government reorganise its vital operations in Washington, DC

Plan and practical assistance in launching operations for a F1 host city

Created a winning strategy for a 300m competitive takeover

Strategy and plan for a consultancy to enter the middle east

Helped to introduce a tech startup into the broadcast industry

Created a strategy and operational design for a small travel business 
Some projects have been a few weeks other have been many months.
Fees have ranged from USD 10,000 to in excess of USD2m.
We work at the intersection of commerce, soft power, bidding, nation branding and sport
We work with an entrepreneurial attitude and using our extensive network
We assist teams with their challenges and opportunities
We optimise operations
We make deals for ourselves and others

“Sports are such a great teacher. I think of everything they’ve taught me: camaraderie, humility, how to resolve differences.”

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